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I find it hard to rank players from the 20s. The game wasnt very competitive then, although atleast for the men it was better than the women where Lenglen or Wills won every single match 0 and 2, 0 and 0, 1 and 0. At the U.S Open it seemed he played the same opponent in the final every year, and that opponent is not an all time great at all (not saying he isnt a great player or a weak opponent, just someone you shouldnt play in the finals 5 years in a row), which really calls into question the state of the game back then.
You really can't say that because then a person could argue today's era was dominated by Nadal and Federer for many years. Tilden played great competition in greats like Johnston, Lacoste, Cochet, Richards, Patterson, Borotra, Nusslein, Perry, Budge and even Pancho Gonzalez. He beat everyone in his prime. You really couldn't get much better.
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