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Default Unfinished

Tennis experience/background: Been playing tennis for 6 years. I am a 4.0 - 4.5 player. Love hitting indoors.
Describe your playing style (i.e. serve & volley): All court player. Love volleying. Using a Eastern Forehand. Continental One Handed Backhand. I hit mostly flat with my forehand.
Current racquet/string: Head Youtek IG Prestige Pro With Babolat Revenge 17G @ 52lb
Racquet model tested: Babolat AeroPro Drive LITE
How many hours did you play with the racquet?: 7 hours ( as of right now, still in progress. ) ** DONE 7 Hours**
Comments on racquet performance::

1st play ( 2 hours ) Looking at the 2 videos i took trying to look at the ball spin difference, there wasn't much. Both racquets i had similar spin with the new APD having a tad bit more ( I was probably getting in with the groove of dat Nadal feeling ) but otherwise plow through wasn't great. The balls were going too deep though. I'm not sure if it was me or the racquet tension/stiffness.
2nd play ( 3 hours ) : Ok, The past week have been quite rainy so i had to go to my club to play. The racquet has been sitting in my bag for quite a while so the RPM's were very dead. The feel of hitting the ball was just disappointing to me. The racquet felt amazingly stiff, the strings were terrible. Going back to the groundstroke topic, my groundstrokes were fine but the feel i had when previously playing, was completely different. Back when i first received the racquet, i took it out for a hit, the racquet played just fine.... but the weight was just off to me. I swung too fast at times ( Switching from a leaded up Prestige MP that was 12.7 oz., most lead at 12 o' clock. )
3rd play ( 2 hours ) : After the racquet fell out of my hand while returning a serve with a forehand, the racquet slipped out and hit the floor. After hearing that thud, I then recognized that extremely hollow sound in the racquet. It sounds like its producing the same sound as a Wal-Mart racquet would make. Pushing this aside, as of right now, this would be the last racquet i would grab to use as my main racquet. I have the same feeling of ball depth as from Pt 1 of "groundstrokes".
Comments about this section : The racquet is strung way too tight. IMO, i would like to try it out at 52lb with my same strings to compare with my primary racquet. Pt 1 felt like i was at my best.
Pt 1 score : 7/10
Pt 2 score : 5/10
Pt 3 score : 4/10
Average score : ~ 5.3/10

Pt 1 ( 2 hours ) : Serves were terrible. Warm up partner just told me to switch back after having some funky on and off serves. Kick serves were fine but need more power, flat serves were slow, topspin serves failed too much to judge.
Pt 2 ( 3 hours ). My serves has been getting better. Had good depth, spin, and occasional deep serves. The racquet was relatively different from all the frames i hit with.
Pt 3 ( 2 hours ) : I'm not sure if its because its been a while since my last part, but my serves were just off. Warmed up with my Prestige, Did warm ups for about 20 minutes, 1st serves a couple minutes, 2nd serves a couple minutes. Later transitioned over to the APD and i shanked about 30% of my serves, hit to the net 50%, hit too deep 20%. I just give up! I just suck. Hitting lite ( see what i did there. ) serves were fine. But when i did some 1st serves, thats when the percentages above took in place. 2nd serves were good, as stated in part 2, " Had good depth, spin, and occasional deep serves. ". While playing a friendly match, constant double fault. We just decided to wing the game and rally.
Comments about this section : I'm guessing its because i warmed up the wrong way, or it's too light. Gave it a disappointing score. Had problems with my directional control.
Pt 1 score : 3/10
Pt 2 score : 6/10
Pt 3 score : 1/10
Average score : ~3.3/10

Pt 1 ( 2 hours ) :Volleys felt great. Crisp and solid. The light weight was throwing me off at some cases while volleying but with the some lead ( Don't have any at the moment ), I think it would be easier for me.
Pt 2 ( 3 hours ) : I think this was my favorite part of the playtest! Volleys were on point, but still had some loss of control over the ball.
Pt 3 ( 2 hours ) : Volleys were fine. Got a bit ticked off about my serves so my mental game wasn't at its best. Just hit some balls too wide. Still had fun with my volleys.
Comments about this section : Good. Not bad. Felt good.
Pt 1 score : 9/10
Pt 2 score : 8/10
Pt 3 score : 5/10 ( Might be biased report )
Average score : 7.3/10

-serve returns:
Pt 1 ( 2 hours ) : Seemed fine but trying to return a 90+ mph serve with this racquet, no thanks. Only way for me to get my return accurate and in was to slice the ball. My initial thought when i first returned my hitting partners first serve was to beef this racquet up with some sort of weight. Felt very flimsy. When hit with a normal forehand, it still felt crisp, but flimsy.
Pt 2 ( 3 hours ) : Hitting kickserves were not so great for me. When returning a flat serve, theres an insane amount of recoil to my arm.
Pt 3 ( 2 hours ) : If you read before, the racquet flung out of my hands. Haven't put an OG on the racquet. After that, my partner just rallied with me. Before, it was a bit bothering to return serves with such a light racquet.
Comments about this section : No thanks. Wouldn't buy it at all based on this factor. Would rather buy the regular APD.
Pt 1 score : 3/10
Pt 2 score : 1/10
Pt 3 score : 1/10
Average score : 1.3/10

Overall score IMHO : 4.3/10. :O

General reaction/comments on overall performance: Too light. thats my main comment. TOO LIGHT. Maybe good for a junior player. But just not for me. Overall performance was so-so. Would like to lead it up, add some Poly/Gut hybrids.... But i just don't want to overspend on strings for myself. ( its for my customers that request me to order T-T ) Sorry for giving this racquet a pretty harsh review. Thanks for giving me the opportunity for playtesting the racquet! Appreciate it. Had a pretty interesting time with this racquet. I'm just pretty curious about how the regular APD turned out for the other playtesters. Seems like the racquet was aimed more towards the smaller/junior kids. I would recommend it to junior players. Active cortex seems to be doing something. Let my partner look around at it and he seems pretty sold on the idea of an "Active Cortex". Paintjob looks very nice. Nice flat color. New logo is a bit odd. Not sure why they would change that. Again, thank you TW.

NOTE: I did not spend 2/3 hours testing each individual part. Those were just in the time frame i was playing with the racquet. I was just playing like i usually would and sharing my thoughts.
Racquet : TGK238.1 2X / Head YTPP 1X
Strings : BHB7 17G 49lb / LUX 4g Rough 17G

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