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Originally Posted by srvnvly View Post
How does the stability, swing weight and plow through compare on the 16x19 version to the current (18x20) version? thank you!
They are very very close. But if I had to pick one for stability and plow through, I'd go with the current 18x20.

Originally Posted by Nastase View Post
Is the new Blade 18x20 that much different than the current model? I realize this is a trick question of sorts, and I understand the benefit of the improved feel....but in regards to power and swingweight it seems like splitting hairs a bit... Specifically, it seems the swingweight of the new 2013 blade versus older BLX, when you consider mfg variances, could be about the same. Jason can you comment? The open pattern blade seems perfect.
Yes, I'd say that the new versions of the Blade are exactly that, newer versions of the Blades. There aren't any revolutionary changes, no big changes to the specs, but the biggest different is in the feel. Much crisper response, greater feedback. Of the 2 string patterns, the open one is right up my alley. It just adds a tad more pop and ball pocketing.

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