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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
ok this should be easy if you can accept that the PD standard will be a hair heavier. ( not too bad though). You also must get a digital scale if you dont have one.

I would add 2 grams of lead at 12. This should take the Swing weight ( the "oomph" you are missing)up from around 315 to 321. Play with it for a week and add another 1-2 grams if needed.

Counterbalance with an overgrip and 2 grams on the handle. I would suggest plumbers putty stuck to the inside of the buttcap.

The strung racquet from stock at around 318 will now weigh 326. The team with an overgrip is going to be 321. So you are adding 4-5 grams.

Thats it!
OK--Excellent!! Thank you PP--I appreciate it!

I'm not one for opening butt caps, so I'll add some lead under my grip--on the bare handle--toward the bottom. I may even try the bab leather grip, that I have a spare of, which in itself weighs more anyway than the Syntec grip (and I'll add a VS original overgrip over the leather), so I'm thinking by adding the heavier leather grip will possibly negate any need to add lead on the counter balance the lead at 12.....I think

Many thanks again PP!! Have a virtual beer on me
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