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If your 90 is sluggish for you and you've never tried tuning it, you might like its behavior with some lead on the handle (under your grip or overgrip) to get it balanced more head-light. Just a thought, since you can remove the lead if it doesn't work.

Otherwise you could look at a few frames out there. PK also makes the Redondo and Black Ace in a mid-plus; both have been rather well received around here. I'm a Volkl fan, but I play with their C10. That racquet has a sort of unique personality that's not for everyone (no harm in trying it!), but Volkl has other gear, too. TW has their PB 10 mp on sale (I think) and they also have both a lighter and heftier version of the Organix 10.

No argument against Yonex either. Their square-ish head shape seems to make for an easy-to-find sweet-spot that can be especially forgiving, even in a midsize. More than one Wilson mid user around here has successfully switched into a Yonex mid. I keep a pair of their discontinued RD Ti-80's as backups and love using them for doubles.

Pacific used to be Fischer and I used to have a couple of the old M-Speed Pro #1's. NICE feel in a softer frame and I think the current 98" model that replaced it is the X Force Pro.
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