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Originally Posted by JAY1 View Post
Kiki?! This is an outstanding list!!
You have listed 55 players, could you put them in order for a definitive list of The Top 50 Men of the 70's? I bet this would start a lot of discussion......
IŽll do my best.Most of them are evened and I am no computer crazy Rino Tomassi, whose computerized rankings are the most accute , much richer than the ATP computer rankings.I like to consider 68 and 69 as part of an era that streches from 68 to 79.My list of best players over thsoe 11 years is:
1/Laver 2/Borg 3/Connors 4/Rosewall 5/Newcombe 6/Vilas 7/Nastase 8/Ashe 9/Smith 10/Kodes 11/Mc Enroe 12/Orantes 13/Gerulaitis 14/Panatta 15/Tanner 16/Gimeno 17/Roche 18/Okker 19/Solomon 20/Edmondson 21/Richey 22/Drysdale 23/Metrevali and Franulovic 25/Lutz 26/Pecci 27/Pilic 28/Gottfried 29/Ramirez 30/Taylor 31/Dibbs 32/Fibak 33/Gorman 34/Alexander 35/Riessen 36/Amritraj 37/Barzutti 38/Dent 39/Higueras 40/Dick Stockton 4/Gildemeister 42/Bob Hewitt 43/ Cox 44/Jauffret 45/Taroczy 46/LLoyd 47/Bertolucci 48/Teacher 49/Meiler 50/Fillol
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