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Originally Posted by I Heart Thomas Muster View Post
I play a solid 4.5 player and I ALWAYS get up 4-1 then proceed to lose the set. He tells me when I get to that same score I turn into a different player. I'm not sure why with him. Our skills are very similar and he's a good guy so there's no animosity while playing. There's no shame in losing to him but also I hate losing like that.

My worst losses though are to people who get under my skin with gamesmanship or outright cheating. Outwardly you wouldn't know I'm fuming but those are the losses that eat at me. I want to beat these players so badly to show I'm immune to their antics but I would say I lose those matches 70% of the time.

Those really sting.
I feel your pain. When I get a big lead, I sometimes too have trouble finding the right balance between passivity and aggressiveness. If I see the person has been making a lot of UE and that has really contributed to my lead, I want to continue to let him bury himself, but at the same time not lose my rhythm is he starts to heat up again.

I've noticed I get really, really tight when serving for sets and matches. Gotta work on that.
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