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Originally Posted by hoodjem View Post
I almost agree with you.

Tier 1: Laver, Gonzales, Tilden, Rosewall, Federer
Tier 2: Borg, Sampras, Budge, Daugherty, Nadal, Budge, Lendl
Tier 3: Vines, Perry, Connors, Cochet, Hoad, Lacoste, Kramer
I had thought Budge was better than Vines until recently but looking back it seems Vines was the Worlds best player longer than Budge, wasnt he? Then again Budge does have the Grand Slam which is an enormous achievement. I would find it hard to split them into seperate tiers though.

I predict by careers end Nadal will definitely be tier 1, even if he isnt the GOAT.
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