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Originally Posted by will3689 View Post
Just played a match in my local tennis league and lost two very close sets and had two set points in the second set but bottled them both. I know we play this game for fun and i did really enjoy the match but i cant stop thinking about them two set points and what i shoud have done differntly. Was thinking does anyone else lose sleep over losing a match or is this just me?
Great thread. I've realized the better I get, the more I hate losing. When I got back into playing tennis over 3 years ago, and I was sucking wind in the second set, then winning or losing wasn't that big of a deal. I'm fitter now and know what I'm doing (most of the time). I'm playing some strong 4.0 tennis (the 3.5s I started with in September of 2009 don't want to play me anymore) and yesterday I beat a very strong 4.5 doubles player.

I lose sleep. I am walking around work and have to stop because the anger of those set points blown or those match points blown stops me in my tracks. How the fu&* did that happen? What the fu*& was I thinking? (in the match). I took a painful, painful beat Saturday. I'm hoping it makes me razor sharp the next time I go out. One thing about losing set points and match points I've realized (since Saturday) is that what makes them so painful is that was when YOU wanted to win the match, when YOU expected to win the match. The greatest players in the world (Federer for example; see USO 2011) have trouble coming back when they lose a match point or two. The psychological pain of having it right there, RIGHT THERE, and then seeing it recede again is staggering. Realizing all the work you put in to get it right there and then have to basically start from scratch can be a Job-like blow. How to over come that? Still trying to figure it out.
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