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Originally Posted by Candide View Post
I've just given up on a Volkl Organix 10 after a year of good service. I picked up a Wilson BLX Six One and instantly felt like it was moulded to my hand. I enjoyed the X10 and played quite well with it but the grip shape, as well as the sponginess of the handle system makes the bevels feel indistinct and it was endlessly annoying on serve and overheads. The Wilson feels great in those departments. The serve just seems to sing. I know it's probably more to do with balance than with grip shape but it is certainly a factor.
For me it is exactly the other way around.

Originally Posted by 2ManyAces View Post
hated the head grip imo
Yep, grip shapes are totally personal. It makes me think about discussions over bike saddles on cycling forums; what feels heavenly to one feels like hell to another.
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