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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
She already said it was for night matches.

Children can be pushed around in strollers.

If the baby cries, it can be taken out for some time and brought back.

If bringing a baby is allowed, "poor fans" can either boycott the event or suck it up. No need to bear the expense of a baby sitter. A family that watches AO together stays together. Irritated fans are free to complain and then leave. It is called living in a society.
No, she said MOSTLY night matches which means some day matches.

Yes, I know all about strollers as I have two boys.

As for fans being bothered we're also talking about tennis professionals being bothered and they have their entire careers on the line as well as AO prize money. They're entertaining us but they're also doing their jobs.

If a baby acts up it's not like you can whisk the kid out of the stands in a few seconds. If the kid is screaming bloody murder you're going to disrupt the match as thousands of people in the stands, millions of TV viewers, the umpires, and the players wait for you to haul your stupid, incosiderate a** out of your seat, gather up your kid's stuff, and meander out through the seats, to the isle, and eventually out of the stadium.

Just look at the relatively silent process of removing an adult heat stroke victim from the stands, something that happened on several occassions this year at majors. The match came to a stop. Those were unusual incidents. Anyone who has had kids knows that it WILL happen if you subject a two year old to a three hour match under the hot Australian sun.
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