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Originally Posted by Angle Queen View Post
That's the way it works around here too. Gotta be from the bottom up, but could be either doubles or singles so...either #3 dubs...or both #1 & #2 singles.

I've been on a team that received a #1/#2 default. And, even though we also ran the table with all three doubles, that lineup decision was not well-received around the league. As always, there was more than met the to why things transpired the way they did...but still, it wasn't an easy pill for some to swallow.
I don't understand.

Who cares what they default, so long as they tell you in advance?

Now, if they say in advance, "We are two players short but we aren't going to tell which lines we are defaulting", I would ask "So why are you calling me? I have to bring all 8 players anyway?"
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