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It's fun to "wish." I call it my mental entertainment for that $1 tix.

1st call would be to hire a driver. Middle-aged and handsome (yes, they do exist). And I'll want a Town Car. No limos.

Said driver will first drive me/us to a place to buy several of those trace-less phones and then I'd call to cancel all our current phone lines, domain names and internet connections.

Next set of calls would be to a very trusted family friend. He is a former "can't tell or I'd have to kill ya" military man. His wife also has a concealed carry permit. Protection for us will be required.

Final immediate call would be to our family lawyer and demand a joint meeting with our financial planner. Both would be asked for a recommendation for someone else...who is used to dealing, quite literally, with millions of dollars. Have a decent opinion of our attorney and accountant but know they wouldn't be up to this task.

But those are the logistics of things and just for me, not my hubs. I'm sure one of his first things to do would be to call his boss at home...and quit. Anyone who says they'll keep their job or stay in their crazy.

Of course, we'd set up trust funds for our well as other kids we love and care about. Certainly a new house and car (time to replace the '98 Ford Ranger and '04 Ford Focus). But for the really fun, I'm not really sure. Much as I'd like a big expanse of a place, with a pool & tennis court for me, shooting range and hunting acreage for the dearest....I still think I'd like to be a part of....our community. I genuinely like our neighborhood, the school our kids go to and the club we belong to.

That kind of money (assuming you were the sole winner...heck, even if you had to share) is astounding and I'd no more know what to do with it than a baby knows what to do with a Ben Franklin.
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