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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
I had thought Budge was better than Vines until recently but looking back it seems Vines was the Worlds best player longer than Budge, wasnt he? Then again Budge does have the Grand Slam which is an enormous achievement. I would find it hard to split them into seperate tiers though.

I predict by careers end Nadal will definitely be tier 1, even if he isnt the GOAT.
There is also a question whether Vines wasn't just a better player when both were at their best. Vines was older and apparently had some injury problems when he toured against Budge. Vines also was getting into the game of golf, a game in which he would later become one of the World's best players so he was on as motivated in tennis anymore. And while Budge won the Grand Slam in 1938 it is debatable whether he could have won it if all the top players like Vines, Nusslein, Perry, von Cramm and Tilden competed. Vines would be a big problem on those grass courts on three of the majors and the others would be extremely tough to beat also.

I think there is a good chance Nadal will be among the top players ever. I agree with you.
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