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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
I can assure you that if I were bumped down to 3.5, I would play entire matches hitting nothing but kick serves, hitting drop shots, and slicing my head off. I cannot do these things in 4.0 matches because these shots still need work, and my partners would not stand for my developing my game in the middle of competitive matches.
Getting bumped up has done this for me ... I know that I will not be playing for districts or sectionals anytime soon as there are about 1000 4.5's better than me in my section. Even if my team does happen to make it, I would never see the court.

So this is going to open up time for me to work on my game ... not in league matches but rather I can work on those things in all the free evenings I am going to have for the next season or two until I get better or bumped back down.
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