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Originally Posted by Angle Queen View Post
This is (or should be) the mantra for successful mixed play, especially at the higher levels.

Here to confirm. Topaz was Ms. Consistency and said-partner was The Closer, a net monster and monster server. On a side note, of the pair they played the time I watched them, the opposing female was 4.5 (deservedly, in my opinion...not so much based on that day's play but her record in our area throughout the season).

But seriously, it's hard to beat a 4.5M/3.5W at 8.0 Mixed. Invariably, they're both at the top of their class. It's part of the reason I am against "combo" play for mixed. The potential disparity is even more pronounced in true Combo (6.5, 7.5, 8.5) but I don't like it even in "8.0". I mean, why then, don't we have 8.0 Womens? We don't. It's 4.0W and 4.0M...where everyone on the court is 4.0 (or less). Fewer mismatches, generally better, more even "play" -- and isn't that what NTRP is supposed to be designed for?

/another rant...over
That's a good point AQ...8.0 women's could/should also be 3.5+4.5!! (and men's too, I suppose) Never thought of it that way.

That match was not a good returning match for me, but districts all I saw were kickers wide to my BH. Worst was at sectionals in our second match against DC...I was almost in the court next to us, and STILL not getting the serve back! (a match we won 4 and 4...let the guy hold, but not the girl!!!)

That philosophy does put pressure on my own service games, but I know my best mixed partner is an aggressive net as long I get my first serve and placed reasonably well, things usually are good to go.

Combo mixed is kind of a joke at this point...most of the 7.5 teams are really 8.5! My main partner got bumped to 4.5, and one of my two remaining partners also got bumped. And same story on Downs' team. That's what happens with the last league of the year I suppose. I wonder if having ESR around here would help alleviate that, or not matter at all?

She got bumped to 4.5? I remember she had *solid* groundies, and was much more comfy at the baseline. We picked up on that pretty quickly. We had a nice match...quite contrary to the court next to us, which I thought was going to go to fisticuffs at one point.
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