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Originally Posted by TonLars View Post
Hello! Still on a bad ankle, its like 70% and hurts, but im able to move pretty well on it at least now and play sets. This summer wasnt as good as last, but I always come out ahead. The tournaments pay between $1000-$2500 or more for first and I usually get to the semis or better. I play a tournament weekly in the summer as well as some here and there in the fall/spring. Fortunately also, sometimes the events will cover your hotel or more, or if my dad comes along to watch which helps alot. I would still do it all even if they didnt pay a dime however. Hoping to play a tournament or two this winter once Im fully healed. Ive been playing well lately.
thanks for the quick reply and that's great that you're coming out ahead. I hope your ankle heals quickly you deserve to be in the top 500 or even more
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