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Default College tennis coach question

I'm currently an assistant coach for a good top 25 naia mens amd womens program. It is more about the experience than the pay. I have decided that I am going to puruse a full time coaching job come spring. .....herein lies the problem.

I was just recently offered a head coaching position on an interim basis. The team is jumping to d2, and they are going to reopen the applicant pool in june. The current coach abruptly quit. Now, as an interim i figure id have.the best chance at the job in theory. So the question would be.... leave for the uncertain future or stay put where I am and look for something more permanent. If it makes any difference my current school is much more competitive of a program, if that makes a difference in future jobs, but Im the assistant, not the "man". Also if I move id have to sell my house as well quickly.

In summary would you stay an assistant at.the strong program, then look for a head position. Or take the uncertain head position at a mediocre school?

Thanks for any sage advice.
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