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Originally Posted by Top Jimmy View Post
Looking for a replacement for my Dunlop 4d 200 Tours. Only have two left due to temper and looking for a slightly lighter swing weight replacement.

Spec wise these seem similar enough to the Tours and the three flavors of Prestiges have pro's and cons.

Pro - 16x19 like my Tours (yay), larger headsize, highest swingweight.
MP - 18x20 (boo), larger headsize, lightest of the bunch.
Mid - 18x20 (boo), 93sq inch head, most HL balance.

I can't seem to find a Mid in town to demo, currently have a MP and Pro to demo tomorrow.

How different is the Mid compared to the other two? Head size does not scare

I tried the mid (friend has one) and demoed the pro, bought the pro.

I was able to hit with the mid without a problem. But once in a match I had some extra frame jobs. Me and Fed

The Pro is very solid fantastic at net. Does everything really well. THe only thing to be concerned with is that it can feel stiff if you don't hit the sweetspot.

I added some lead tape to get it up to 12.6 and a 335SW

The rAcket punishes the ball and the strings. I have to restring do to wear approx 6-8 hours of play and that is lux or other tuff string

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