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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
I don't understand.

Who cares what they default, so long as they tell you in advance?

Now, if they say in advance, "We are two players short but we aren't going to tell which lines we are defaulting", I would ask "So why are you calling me? I have to bring all 8 players anyway?"
Playoffs were at stake. It was the last match of the season. We needed to take all five lines and win "big" to finish in the running. So while defaults don't count for/against an individual as far as NTRP goes, they did when it came to flight winner tiebreaks -- it's team wins, individual wins, set lost, games lost. It mattered.

But I know our captain did not influence the opposing captain's decision, despite what some might have thought. It was a brutally hot day (near 95F) with a 1pm start time. The other team did not want to field singles and thought they had a chance, with the players they had available, to win in doubles.

We knew what "the math" was to finish first...but I doubt they did; it was quite complicated and depended on what another team did earlier that day. Regardless, it was a much discussed match.
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