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Originally Posted by ramos77 View Post

schumacher had team mates that pulled over to the side of the road when he was behind them.

Senna had the likes of Prost to deal with. we will never know how many titles he would have won.

He had the most raw skills of any driver IMO.
Didn't Senna have Berger helping him out in 1992??

Didn't Senna vetoed, Mansell and/or Michael Schumacher to be his team mate in 94?

I'm teaching you right here what you don't know, there is a lot of things about Senna that most didn't know, his contract with Williams and how it happened not many knew, that's the reason why Mansell couldn't come back in 94 from Indy, same thing happened with Prost in 93, didn't not allow Schumacher to be his team mate, they all knew what would have happened.
Senna will never, not even in his best dream be in the same league
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