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Senna was the Nadal of F1, always whining and crying about everything.

Senna drove probably one of the best cars in history of the sport, the Mclaren 88, only lost one race because Mansell was a beast on his day, faster and better driver than both Senna and Prost, only problem was his consistency, therefore he didn't win as much.

It's going good to remind everybody that season of 91, 92 and 93 until half of the season, Schumacher drove with stick shift while all others had semi automatic gear shift.

Let's not forget as well that Schumacher finished in front of Senna in his first full season, 1992, despite having worse equipment. Senna had traction control on his Mclaren while Schumacher was still driving with stick shift and V8 engine against Ferrari's V12, Renault V10...

As you talk a lot about Alonso, don't forget about what caused Briattore to be expelled from F1's world and now with Ferrari don't forget about changing gear box of Massa's car so He can get another position, don't forget about Massa having to let him go by a few times.

And the irony of all, this happens in every successful team, it is F1, there is nothing wrong with it, so for those who like to nitpick, be reasonable when you choose to do it.

No matter what it is, Senna drove 10 years and only won when He had the best car, never He won a title with an inferior car, the 1991 for half of the season he counted on a better car and Williams' reliability problems and mistakes by "El Lion" .

Senna may be the 4th or 5th greatest F1 driver until now, bot nowhere near top 3.
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