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Originally Posted by mad dog1 View Post
maybe before you play w/ your racquets, you put them in the thermo compartment. after you play, the grip is wet from all the sweat from your palms, you put them in the moisture compartment.

- or -

when it's hot out, you store your racquets in the thermo compartment. when it's raining, you transfer your sticks to the moisture compartment. not that you'd be playing when it rains anyways so the moisture protection is a moot point.

- or -

it's all just a bunch of baloney tech to sell us gullible consumers the latest and greatest bags. back in the 80's, bags held racquets and balls. there was some foam to help the bag maintain its shape. there was no thermo and moisture tech. the same racquets from that era like the POG 4 stripers are still intact and in great condition so apparently the fact that the old bags didn't have all this new fangled tech made no difference after all.
I'll go with C.

Originally Posted by JackB1 View Post
posted another video today;postcount=23

hitting with the ball machine with my Juice 100. I turned up the speed this time. I couldn't out the camera behind me, so I used an angled front view.

Comments welcome.
You seem to make pretty clean contact, though it's difficult to tell what the ball is doing on the flip side of the cam. Main thing I notice is that you really hold onto the end of the follow through and sort of 'watch your shot' in a very deliberate way. If you're doing that to just get accentuate/drill a stroke/follow through with ball machine, totally cool and that's perhaps what you're doing, but if playing an opponent a suggestion I'd make would be to 'watch your shot' a little less and work on getting the feet moving more quickly to get yourself right back to a good court position, rather than standing there watching the shot for quite as long as you're doing. But again, not sure if you're doing it on purpose now to drill follow-through technique into the head, in which case this is moot.
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