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Nadal_Power, a couple of other observations about your stats.

Connors made most of his successful returns with his forehand -- just slightly more than he made with his backhand. (And that was true in each of the sets individually -- except the third set.) That might mean that his FH return was better than his BH return, though we can't say that without a breakdown of his return errors by wing. Perhaps Ashe served more often to his FH wing, which would have allowed Connors to amass a large number of successful FH returns.

Ashe's return numbers are simpler: a solid majority of his successful returns were backhands. He was known for a great backhand, so no surprise there. However, as above, there's always the possibility that these numbers result from the direction that the server was choosing. That is, Connors may have been serving more often to the BH.

In the third set Connors had only 2 chances to break Ashe, while Ashe had 9 chances. Yet Connors took the set, because he converted both his chances, while managing to fight off nearly all the break points he faced.

I saw no discrepancies with my stats, except that I have 28 service winners of every kind by Connors. I counted 6 in the opening set: 3 in Jimmy's first service game, two more in his second and one more in his last.

Question: do your unforced errors include the double-faults?
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