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Originally Posted by Rjtennis View Post
3 sets: Black Shark 17
2 sets: Pro-line X 16
1 set: Pro-line Evolution
2 sets: Prince Poly Spin 3D 16L
2 sets: Prince Premier LT 16
4 sets: RPM Blast (B-432C) 16
1 set Pro Hurricane Tour 16
1 set: Gamma Zo Verve 17
1 set: Big Hitter Black 16
1 set: OneStrings Natural Gut 16

Reel Babolat NVY 16
Solinco Heaven overgrips (similar material as Tourna Grip)

Looking for:
Luxilon ALU rough (Have ALU Power to trade)
Spiky Shark 17G,
Prince Syn Gut Duraflex,
Prince Syn Gut Original,
Control oriented Multi's
a starting clamp
open to other trades.

[B]Email me at or through my profile if interested
Also, I have references from other string trades. Thanks!

Bumping post......
Please excuse my punctuation and grammar.
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