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Originally Posted by Headshotterer View Post
I see alot of the pros who do this, and I want to make this in my game. Whenever I try to attack, its not enough pace and does not put me in the position to when the point or approach the net. How is it different from a basic groundshot?
There are many ways to attack and they vary with your skill and what type
short ball you are dealing with. Imo it is better to slice to the smart targets
on the lower contacted short balls or drop shot. For a ball that has a higher
contact point, Imo the flatter trajectory across TS works best to control the
net clearance with precise power; more of a crisp type power than all out
crush though. Also Imo it is important to make the most of balls that fall into
your avoid zone, as these give the best opportunity, but tend to proceed with
more caution on wider short balls, since they can also leave you in a tough
position to continue to push the attack.
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