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Originally Posted by corners View Post
Wow, the F3.0 that TWU tested has vibration frequency (dynamic flex) of 138. Most frames that flexible test around 58-62 RDC. The reason why people are reporting that the F plays soft is because it is soft. BTW, C10 Pro has vibration frequency of 137.
Yes, that's a relatively low characteristic frequency. Along with my F3.0 demo were a Yonex RDIS 200 and PK KI5 315, both known to be comfy racquets. Their frequencies are 136 and 140, respectively.

My first and second sessions with the F3.0, I felt it was stiffer/less-comfy than the RDIS 200 and KI5 315. During the third session today, the F3.0 didn't feel so bad. I'm chalking it up to strings or a touchy elbow for now.
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