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Originally Posted by v-verb View Post
I'll be playing a Prince Boron and POG mid 1 stripe tomorrow night - both with poly RPM Team 17.

Tension is 53 for the Boron and 48 for the POG. The stringer went higher than I wanted - I asked for 40 for the Byron and 38 for the POG but I guess they thought they knew best and strung way higher as I mentioned in another thread - the tension as dropped a bit since then.

Any I bought a stringer so I'll be doing my own racquets soon.
i'll string 18x20 mid or midplus sticks in the low 40s, but the POG mid is a 14x18 pattern. very open pattern at low tensions results in lack of control for me.

i'm interested in hearing how 38 works out for you.
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