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Originally Posted by mikeler View Post
You may have just gotten 1 lemon in the bunch. Did you buy them from TW?
The package was sent directly from Prince Sponsorship Program.

Originally Posted by themitchmann View Post
Those package deals are fantastic values. Perhaps if you talk to your dealer or contact at Prince, they might replace it at a discount.

They give a little more than 30% discount for additional racquets that a sponsored player wants to buy.

Based on what they said regarding wear, I'm thinking it was from scraping the racquet on the court (for low shots). Since the frame is fairly thin, there isn't as much material as a wider frames racquet (like an aero pro). In addition to a lot of big hitting, I can understand why the frame might have broken.
He plays well with those sticks, but honestly, they look very flimsy.
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