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Originally Posted by InspectorRacquet View Post
Well, if you use the smart targets (shown in some pictures on the first couple pages), hitting up the middle is the worst thing you can do. The smart targets allow you to angle your opponent off the court and hit comfortably within the boundaries of the court. This is actually best achieved from the center of the court.

If you hit a sharp cross court angle, it's easier just to hit it sharply back, instead of taking the risky down the line shot.
I really think you make some very good points in the post above, but just want
to mention that hitting up the middle is not worst thing....unless you mean the
center near the middle T area. If you have a reason and a plan, then hitting near
the middle BL area for depth is fine. My suggestion is to hit with the Smart Targets
as a reference when you can and also when you don't have a better idea. Better ideas
can be like when hitting deep for defense, or jamming the server or using a drop shot.
Does that make sense?
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