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Originally Posted by Overheadsmash View Post
I use the S if I am playing doubles with the old guys. It's good against that drop shot, no pace, stupid spin, pseudo-squash, old man doubles game. It's quick and easy to swing. It's stable against hard groundstrokes, but not like the pro is.
I look at the reviews for the "S" and they all say it looks great on paper but just doesn't cut it. The problem is, I have played the MP and currently have the Pro and I would really like it if they were just a bit lighter and more head light (I know, then it's not a Prestige).

So even though the reviews tell me that you can't make the "S" into a competent Prestige, I still am tempted to try one. I would like something exactly like the Pro but about 11.9 oz. and 8-10 pts. head light.
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