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Originally Posted by kiteboard View Post
Best gut poly hybrid is vs team/blackcode.
What makes blackcode such a good string says compared to Ltec 4S?

Originally Posted by tlm View Post
I was once able to purchase some sets of pacific tough gut uncoated. If I could find that string and use it fresh in the low 60's every time out that would be unmatchable. It also played tremendous with a poly cross, but if money was no object I would use a full job.

The tough gut is a great string anyway but if you ever get a chance to use it in the uncoated version you would see what I mean. There is nothing out there that is even close.
The coating on tough gut made it feel stiff so is uncoated one softer and more elastic?

Originally Posted by TimothyO View Post

Gut/poly is also more comfortable than full poly. The downside is cost, especially for string breakers.
If it makes you play better, it's already worth it.

Originally Posted by Centerforward71 View Post
How bout VS team and say SPPP ? And what tension are you referring to ?
VS Team and SPPP is decent but for me not as good as VS Team/Ltec 4S. SPPP is slightly underpowered as a cross but is one of the better cross strings to use due to good tension maintenance. Y

Originally Posted by wmilas View Post
Spin is a funny thing. When I became able to generate enough RHS I transitioned from a full multi setup to a gut/poly (pacific classic/msv co). Not satisfied I bought a stringing machine and tried what seemed like every poly out there in the main. I did not find anything better than gut/co for spin. I took the best poly and tried them in the cross with gut. The only thing better was lux ALU power rough. The problem was that it shredded the gut mains in under 2 hours.

So for me gut/co for 8-12 hours before the gut goes. If you have deep pockets gut/ALU is slightly better.

This leads me to conclude that even though strings are important, and the end of the day form matters the most.
For me strings are just fun to experiment with and some play slightly better than others but sooner or later you will be able to adapt. I having been play with gut poly hybrids but due to weather recently switched over to a multi and though it doesn't have as much control, you learn to adjust to it.

I am still not understanding what the fuss is with Alu Power Rough. It does allow you to take a huge cut at the ball but it's such a stiff string and has such poor tension maintenance and doesn't feel good after a few hours.
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