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Originally Posted by JT_2eighty View Post
Tough, on multiple occasions, in both 16L and 17 gauge, and over the course of what must be numerous batches (having used the string for a couple years), has outlasted the other guts by a longshot. In some cases 2x-3x the durability/longevity of the other guts.

It is, however, a bit stiffer than the PPrime and of course VS, but still softer than any multi, with way more control than any multi or gut.

Honestly, for a mid to midplus, you can use 17 or if you are a big string breaker, the 16L. The 17 is definitely the most powerful gauge, with impeccable feel. 16L will provide a stable balance of control, power and feel. 16 I have not tried, as I prefer thinner gauges in the Pro Tour 280 MP.

I know some people gripe that Pacific can have less consistent QC than Babolat, but I guess I've been lucky over the years. I think as you move up their product ladder, the QC tends to be better: Prime is on par with VS, Tough is close, Classic is the one with more issues (basically Pacific's "tonic")
You must be lucky or I got two bad sets of ToughGut and Prime as both sets definitely felt inferior in terms of QC. When I pulled them through the grommets, some of the strings definitely felt uneven which I never had any issues with VS.

They are one of the longer lasting gut but they did not feel as soft and elastic as the original VS and at the current price, for me, I rather go with X1 Biphase instead.
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