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Default The most amazing shots/points you've ever played. Share your finest moments!

Sorry if this doesnt belong here or if there is already another thread like this.

So today I probably hit the greatest most amazing shot that I've ever made in the many years that I've played. I'll never be able to hit one like it again and I dont think anything would top it.

Gave me the idea to make this thread so that we can brag about and share our glorious feats and maybe draw some inspiration from them.

here goes:
Im playing doubles with 3 other dudes(about 3.5-4.0 level) and serving at 15-40 first game of the set. I mostly serve and volley in doubles. First serve I opted for a flat serve to the body. Fault. Uh oh second serve is not my strong suit and opponent steps in looking to blast it and his partner at the net is ready to put it away if i get it back.

Not wanting to double fault I just tapped in a softie which sat up nicely on the returner's forehand side. After the serve I kind of hesitated a bit about whether to goto the net or stay back but decided to charge the net anyway. So I was late running up to the net and in no man's land when the ball was about to be returned. Oh crud I thought, Im screwed for sure.

The receiver blasted a killer 70 mph flat forehand return right at my body. I was suprised by it coming so fast at me and opponent was surprised Im up there at the net. At that moment right before the ball was about to hit me I didn't know what to do as I wasn't expecting it but I knew I just had to put my racket on the ball no matter what and it just so happens the ball came right between my legs at knee level as I was running up so I just reacted desperately and put the racket between my legs. Next thing I knew the ball came flying off my racket right back straight at the guy at the net with the same speed and he couldn't react fast enough and volleyed it into the net.

They couldn't believe it. I couldnt believe it. Just pulled off a tweener volley on the run. It was the first tweener Id ever hit and I didn't even intended it. Now I regret not recording the matches lol

this is how I pictured it looked like for those wondering.

So that was mine. I know for some advanced players tweeners are nothing special and it's pretty normal so i'd love to read everyone's.

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