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Default Heat shrink sleeve diameter..

Originally Posted by jlambertou View Post
Resurrecting this thread...

I ordered a couple heat-shrink sleeves from TW, and they are huge, about six inches in diameter. Is that normal? (before they shrink)

I am thinking of using the stove method since I don't even have a hair dryer, let alone a heat gun. If I want it to end up about 7 inches from the butt, should I slide it up to around 7 and 7/8? Then hold the top while I start rotating the butt end over the stove? How far off should I hold it, like an inch? Then once it start shrinking, can I let go of the top part? hehe

Those of you that have done this, have the sleeves stayed firmly in place for a long time?

I had also purchased some balsa wood strops, and cut some to size, but that looks like it is going to be a bigger headache than i thought, with trimming them for the smaller bevels, and gluing to the frame. Also the wood is so light, I think I may actually lose more feel than with a sleeve. Heat shrink sleeve is nicely reversible. [I guess I will just have to make an airplane or something with that wood.]
Hi Jlambert,

6 inches in diamater for those sleeves??? Is there a typo here? Do you mean 6cm instead?

A typical racket grip diameter (L1-L5) would be around 30-40mm range only. How would a 6inch sleeve be heated to wrap around the bevels nicely without bumps, overlays & creases?

I came across a range of heat shrink tube at a local electronics specialty store, with prices increasing exponentially (per m) as diameter goes up. 150mm diameter is the largest they have. That's about the 6" you mentioned above. Can't even imagine how much the shopkeeper will charge for it!

If it's really 6", then makes all sense in the world to order from TW. It's only $2 per piece. No amount of bulk buying from outside hardware/specialty stores can match this price

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