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Originally Posted by crosscourt View Post
Good point. But for advanced players the difficulties of some rackets disappear by comparison with less good players. So you may find an APD much easier than a Tour 90 but for them the differences are less significant. Their comparison is based on different criteria to yours. But the real point here is that while lots of people think that the APD is a tweener, the sheer number of average to good players on these boards who say that it is simply "too powerful" and that they hit the ball out too much tells the story. That is not a problem for Nadal. The APD is a racket that works better for very good players than for average or good players.
Couldn't agree more. I had one of these for a month or two and could never really warm to it but more importanty it killed my arm. Went to a Volkl Organix 10 which was better for me but settled on a BLX Six One 16X18. It's a hundred times more forgiving and easier to use for a club hacker like me. People get freaked by the weight but that's red herring. Half the people I see around still have the yellow and black monster though - and plenty of them are even worse than me.
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