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Originally Posted by maxpotapov View Post
String pattern of the Mid is so dense, it's almost unplayable by today's standards. I know because I'm using it and thinking of switching to some open pattern racquet.
Originally Posted by maxpotapov View Post
It gets frustrating when I have to play against 12-14 y.o. ball bashers, and I'm 25 years oldER. And it's unfair when they get handicap, playing with light and fast boomsticks, not me.

P.S. The only way to play against those kids is to spin the ball over their heads. Trying to hit through them does not really help, as they return and retreive almost everything as long as the bounce is low.
Maybe that's why Pete Sampras quickly switched to some Babolat after endorsing KPS88 on his comeback.
1) You don't "have to" play anyone. If you agreed to play so and so, then play, and don't complain about their game. You can't agree to play and complain. Do one or the other.

2) True 12-14 y.o "ball bashers", or ball bashers in general, know ***** about strategy and tactics. Mix it up, this upcoming generation has a condition called "netphobia", and mix up the pace. Majority of this upcoming generation is using the Western grip with its high strike zone, use the slice and make them dig balls up from the ankles.

3) Assuming your proposed age, you may just come back and complain about the "light and fast broomsticks" these youngin's are using and how they're wrecking your arm. Especially if you've grew up using traditionally weighted racquets. If you won't be able to take advantage of them, why curse them if it's of no use to you?

4) A few ounces here and there make marginal difference in overall swing-speed/acceleration of the racquet head. So again, I don't understand why you put any emphasis on these "light and fast broomsticks".

5) The superior can out-pace, out-spin, out-precise the opponent regardless of the equipment, period.

I used the Prestige Mid in one form or another for a decade, with its "so dense, it's unplayability in today's game" and I was able to put significant amount of topspin with my E. Eastern grip. Along with significant bite on my slice too.

Just play man, quit blaming equipments.
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