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I have two, both in doubles:

1) serving to deuce court; stretched way wide on the forehand side by serve return; huge stretch, desperate sharply angled squash shot, watch the ball fizz back over the net, catch a dead net cord and drop for a winner into the deuce court tramline; while this is happening, I'm bringing down the curtain between the courts, and getting hopelessly entangled like a fish in a net.

2) serving to ad court; service sits right into my opponent's wheelhouse, streaky player, goes for everything, smashes it back to my left. Serve momentum has carried me into court; as he strikes it, I think 'out', but then cop that it's dropping in; turn around, back to court, jam down on it hard with a half volley backhand dig, doing a weird pirouette to get my leg out of the way...but contact is perfect; ball screams past stationary netman for a clean winner down the tramline. Everyone just looks around in bewilderment with a 'wtf just happened?!' look. Doubt I'll ever hit a much cleaner winner and it was all pure luck.
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