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Originally Posted by maxpotapov View Post
My only complaint was I'm physically tired of 18x20 at 89 sq in, not that I can not win with it or put extra action on the ball.
Look at all former champions playing exos, no one is using anything like 18x20 at 89 sq in. No one from current top 20 (or maybe top 100?) uses anything as small and dense. Not because they lack skill, it is just tiresome to the point of being unplayable for modern game.
Yes, it is curious that almost none of the top-100 use 90's yet there are so many people here that hit great with them. I played a 90 for many years and still occasionally hit with one. I love them when I'm not being pushed.

That is exactly my problem with a Prestige. Perfect for rallying, the ball machine or playing people worse than me. A bit too demanding vs. a tough opponent.
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