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Originally Posted by Centerforward71 View Post
Genesis twisted razor just as good if not one up. I have two sticks with each. Both awesome but genesis just a tad morE spin at 38 than TB at 38 but not by much. PV your wrong it does exist I'm tweaking to find it and in a couple of days I am gonna report a new finding so stand by.....
My friend, I couldn't be more right. It's not a matter of black and white, it's a matter of being practical. Asking what string or setup is going to give you better spin than one in the 95th percentile doesn't make much sense. You personally may find more spin with something else, as I said, but as a whole, TB is in the top-tier spin string group. The string you're asking for does not exist, as if it were, everyone would be talking about it. From the lowliest hacker up to the pros, Tour Bite is known to do one thing better than just about anything else: spin. I did not say it is the best spin string for YOU, but I was fully prepared to say that you will spend years trying to find better and you will never be satisfied. Since you realized that your quest would never end, I can't possibly understand how you can say that I'm wrong.
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