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Originally Posted by parasailing View Post
There is no way a full set of natural gut lasts that long. I have play tested many multis and for me, they are about the same in terms of durability. Both strings are not slippery unless they put a coating on them which once dry, will start to cause friction and will end up sawing each other.

Go with a gut/poly and you will get the best results including improve control, spin, power, and comfort. Only downside is price.
I'm going to have try gut/poly again. The Exo Tour is so low powered, I strung my last two rackets at 50 pounds with the Discho Microfibre. It also breaks strings like no other racket.

Originally Posted by parasailing View Post
Let me know how if they are crispy . I am back to using Kirschbaum Touch until the rainy reason is over and then will switch back so I guess I do have a reason to keep using multis after all.

I wish Laserfibre Super Natural Pro Stock was still around so I can at least try the best multi ever made .
I'm looking forward to trying out the RPNY but I have to test the Genesis strings first.

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A girl should always pull her nylons to the maximum tension so that they shred easily as soon as the match starts.
I saw the Mikeler's Nylons comment and I knew trouble was brewing. Funny stuff.
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