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Originally Posted by Ash_Smith View Post
^^^Aside from the serve (where the footwork has changed significantly), what other major technical changes can you see? For me there isn't much difference from 13 to 16 to now, outside of the evolution's you would expect.

I agree with Ash here. Besides her serve footwork I don't see a lot of significant change. She obviously got bigger and stronger, so her shots look more powerful.

I definitely think AD is very strong mentally. She has that confidence to go for her shots and the belief that the ball is going in and if it doesn't she is going to try again, this I believe is something she has internally.

However, our habits define us as people and players. I have seen some YouTube footage of AD. It's like a compound effect the more AD continues with technique that she has, the harder it is later to correct it. Every shot that she hits day and day out will strengthen that knot much more tighter, thus harder to break.

Again, the compound effect will take place sooner or later for the kids who took the time to learn proper technique from the start. Some of them will catch and surpass her down the road when it really starts to matter.

From my understanding she is only 11, so that window is closing fast. As hard as it would be she needs to take a break from competition and get her strokes mechanics in order.

It's the old saying.... Win now or Win later.....
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