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Originally Posted by parasailing View Post
You must be lucky or I got two bad sets of ToughGut and Prime as both sets definitely felt inferior in terms of QC. When I pulled them through the grommets, some of the strings definitely felt uneven which I never had any issues with VS.

They are one of the longer lasting gut but they did not feel as soft and elastic as the original VS and at the current price, for me, I rather go with X1 Biphase instead.
Pacific guts are definitely not as soft as VS. Personally that fits my needs, as I can string Pacific low 50s to match my preferred tension for poly (48-50lb). With VS, I couldn't get good control if I dropped below 60 pounds, and then with poly crosses would have needed to keep them close (within 1-3 pounds to avoid deformation), and a 57+ lb pound poly in my tight stringbed just isn't my cup of tea.

It's not for everyone, but I think they are great with poly in the low 50 range, especially for mid to mp users with dense 18x20s.
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