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I was a 3.5 self rate that got DQ'ed by end of summer and received 4.0 D rating. I played on both 3.5 and 4.0 teams, neither of which made it to playoffs. Just saw that my rating is now 4.0 B.

My 4.0 team this summer comprised of 8 3.5 women and 6 4.0 women. All the 4.0's were new bumps from previous year. Theses women have been playing together for years and dominated at 3.5, routinely going to states playoffs. They decided to move up as a team last year and not unexpectedly, lost a lot but we managed to end up in the middle of the pack by end of the season. I was surprised to see that all the 4.0s now got moved down to 3.5. I imagine that I'll have to look for a new 4.0 team next summer.
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