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Default Ever had another captain/team get shady?

A number of years ago, we were in line to win our 4.5 league. However, someone complained about one of our players so the USTA kicked him out with one match remaing and subsequently, all his match wins were reversed. So, going into the last match, we were still in 1st place. We had our bye the final week, so we didn't play. However, if the 2nd place team won their final match, 4-1, they would have had the tiebreaker over us.

The next day I looked at the scores to see if the 1st place team won or lost. Well, they won 5-0. However, they won every match 6-0, 6-0. I thought that was strange so I asked a guy that I knew on the losing team what happened. Turns out that the two captains (who were pretty good friends with one another) got together and worked out a side deal. The losing team agreed to (essentially) default all 5 courts.

This was the first year I had played USTA (circa 2004) so I didn't know what to do. I friend of mine's wife worked for the USTA at the time and looked into it. The day before the playoffs they gave us 1st place and ruled what the other team did unsportsmanlike. We went to the playoffs won, and got to the finals of Sectionals.

The day of that playoff, the captain of the team that tried to cheat their way in was screaming and yelling obscenities at the tournament director for reversing everything.

It was glorious.
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