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I sold furniture for a while and I shipped often. When I started the business I used DHL and all was grand. Very little breakage. When DHL left I had to use FedEx and UPS. FedEx home would not deliver a package that weighed more than 70 lbs to a residence, so on larger items I shipped UPS.

One product was a coffee table with a 3/4" thick, 90 lb glass top. DHL did not break any. I don't think FedEx broke any - maybe one, not enough to be memorable. UPS broke every third or fourth one and refused to pay any claims citing poor packaging. The glass was wrapped in foam, then cardboard, then a wooden frame around the entire thing.

I folded the business partially because of the economy, but mostly because I could not use UPS as a reliable shipper.

If it is fragile, don't ship UPS.
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