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Originally Posted by Torres View Post
I am so glad that you've said that because it confirms my view of FYB. One of the critcisms of FYB, rightly or wrongly, is that its simply repackaged material. I still don't know what ninjas have to do with tennis. In my view alot of the stuff is unnecessarily strung out. I for one - and I know many others who would be of a similar mindset - would not wish to listen to you talk for an hour with a chalkboard behind you about something that's very simple eg. DNO with you talking formulas etc. It's a very basic concept. But like you say, some people go in for that sort of stuff. I'm just not one of them.
Originally Posted by Torres View Post
There's nothing else that I've seen online that I would pay money for. It certainly wouldn't be any of the FYB courses. I just don't see anything on there that would be useful to me, and as you've confirmed in responses, your focus seems to be on packaging and presentation. I do like the visual quality of the videos you produce though. Seems to be a good resolution and the slow motion videos have a good FPS rate.
You've taken what I said out of context. Everything we do is focused on getting results for our students. How things are explained, both orally and visually, is incredibly important toward achieving that goal. So to say that we're just focused on "packaging and presentation" misses the reason we place such a heavy emphasis on it.

You asked early why I spent $35,000 licensing match footage. I did that because I believed showing the pros playing points and breaking them down on my tablet was an excellent way to demonstrate how to construct points so that people "got it." That's packaging and presentation. Interestingly, that was probably the #1 request we got from our audience: "show the pros doing the strategy stuff you talk about on the dry-erase board."

(Bought that dry-erase board a few years back because I was trying to figure out how best to explain strategies & tactics. Where to hit the ball. So it's a constant evolution.)
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