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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
Getting 35 down here as well. The VZW customer service is incredible as well. I am stunned at the overall difference in quality in every single aspect. My bill is also a little less. I may not have unlimited data, but I do have unlimited talk time and I am finding that to be a very fair tradeoff.
Yeah I'm happy with the switch to VZW. My bill is a bit more than it was on TMo, but the service is way better, LTE, unlimited talk and text, etc.

My wife and I split 4GB of data, and we use like 1.5GB a month...Not sure how it's so low, we're both on WiFi at home, but I stream Pandora/Spotify in my car, use the phone quite a bit when out and about, stream video, etc. 4GB is proving to be plenty for our needs.
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