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^Once the mold is completely dry, use a small flat-head screw driver to gently lift them out. They still retain their shape and because it is silicone, is quite pliable.

Removal just involves a wire coat hanger, bent straight and cut. Don't worry you won't damage the handle chamber but you have to wait until the dab of silicone applied to the mold(s) as an adhesive, dries; usually about a day.

If there are some who want a uniform shape, you can wait a day until the molds dry, then remove them. Apply a little bit of silicone back into each container and turn over each silicone block back into mold, pressing ever so slightly. The result, after another 24 hours of drying time, is a completely uniform, cube shape. Just make sure not to make them too thick, as they won't fit into the handle with ease. My molds are 1 and 3/8's inch in length and about 3/8's of an inch deep and weigh approximately 3 grams.
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