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The country changes a lot, as I mentioned in my previous post. You have some countries where the field for tennis is very deep, but some countries where there are more weaker players. One example is in the different sections in the United States. The Southern section is relatively large, and has a decent number of good players. In contrast, the middle states section is not as big and doesn't have the same depth. The 15th best southern player (in national rankings) is 154 in the nation. The 15th best middle states player (in national rankings) is 437 in the nation. The southern player has a much better shot at getting a sponsorship then the middle states player, based on US rankings.

Do you have any experience at the international level? An ITF ranking or something along those lines?

If you want a sponsorship, I think you should just send an email out to the rep for every company that you would like to consider. Explain your situation, any big wins, what country you are in, etc. You have absolutely zero to lose, and everything to gain. Even if you can't get a full sponsorship, there is also a shot that you can get stuff at a very reduced price.

Good Luck!

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